VWflow upgrade: support for MPEG-TS, 4K video…

VWflow upgrade: support for MPEG-TS, 4K video…

Version 1.80 of our VWflow platform has been released. This release adds support for MPEG-TS broadcasts with separate audio streams for multiple languages and makes it possible to stream video in 4K and 8K resolutions both live and on-demand. There are also numerous enhancements to the transcoding engine, player and application UX.

MPEG-TS Broadcasts

The enterprise version of VWflow now allows you to broadcast a multi-language livestream over MPEG-TS, using separate streams for audio and video. This way, an unlimited number of audio languages can be broadcasted and streamed, without using up too much bandwidth. Both UDP and TCP may be used as the underlying protocol.

2K, 4K, 8K Video

VWflow supports all resolutions up to 8K for both live and on-demand streaming. Through adaptive streaming and realtime transcoding, the VWflow player will automatically fall back to a lower resolution when a viewer’s connection or device doesn’t support UHD streaming.

Per Event Resolutions

VWflow now allows you to select separate resolutions, used for adaptive streaming, for each live event. This makes it possible to broadcast multiple concurrent livestreams, each with their own custom set of resolutions.

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