Analytics Dashboard – New Features

Analytics Dashboard – New Features

The analytics dashboard provides detailed insight into how, where and when your audience consumes video. User engagement history provides a wealth of information for advertisers and content creators on how content is being consumed. Much more than mere numbers, the different graphs show which portions of your video are being watched, at which point drop-off rates become critical, and what can be done to further engage your audience.

Realtime Data

The real-time statistics show the current number of viewers for each separate stream, both for live and on-demand viewing. The graphs also show the geographical location of the viewers, allowing you to zoom in on a region of interest. Real-time statistics can be used to stay on top of your live viewership and react immediately to trending on-demand videos.


The historical graphs and data allow you to analyze both the success of your videos and the viewing behaviour of your audience. For each live and on-demand video, it shows detailed data about viewing behaviour (e.g. unique plays, average viewing time, viewer engagement, drop-off rates), geographical location, use of devices (OS, browser, resolution) and number of referrals from each web page that provided a link.

New Features

At the request of our customers, we added a number of improvements to the analytics dashboard in the latest platform upgrade. Video playing data, viewing behaviour and number of concurrent viewers can now be retrieved for very short time spans. The time units of the graphs and data will automatically adjust – up to a minimum of one minute – displaying trends and developments in much finer detail. Also, a Print All menu was added to the history pages. Pressing this will generate a report containing all analytics data and graphs for your selected video(s) or live stream(s).

Clevercast is an all-in-one online video platform used by enterprises, organisations and government institutions on a day to day basis in order to engage and empower their staff members, partners and customers. Features include a complete management dashboard for live and on-demand video, a brandable and interactive player, solutions for advertising and secure viewing, dynamic playlists, realtime analytics, APIs, automatic archiving and integration of third-party platforms (including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, AWS). Feel free to contact us for more information or to request a free trial account.

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