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Live Streaming with Full Redundancy

Clevercast allows customers to broadcast and deliver their livestreams with full redundancy, avoiding any single point of failure. By broadcasting to both a primary and backup server, the livestream will continue to play when the network connection to one of the broadcast servers gets lost. Failover will occur in a transparent manner: the player will automatically detect the livestream on the backup server and start playing it. Realtime transcoding and adaptive streaming will continue to work...

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In an attempt to get young people to vote, involved them in the making of an animated video commercial during the run-up to the 2014 European elections. The initial commercial ended with a cliff-hanger, allowing viewers to suggest their own ending. Over the course of four days, animators in London (UK), Utrecht (NL) and Ghent (B) turned these suggestions into full-blown animated videos. Their labors were also being filmed and could be viewed on the storychangers website as a...

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