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VWflow upgrade: dynamic player, improved UX, API…

Version 1.30 of our VWflow (Video Workflow) platform has been released. This release contains lots of new features, including new dynamic behavior of the VWflow player, improved UX and video management options and extensions to the API. Our (enterprise) embed codes may now contain the ID of a pre-configured player. This allows you to dynamically choose your player when embedding a VWflow video, livestream or playlist on your website(s). This way, you can switch the player's logo, layout and...

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Share your videos on Facebook and Twitter with VWflow

Version 1.20 of our Video Workflow (VWflow) platform has been released. This release adds support for social sharing of videos and live events, either manually or as part of a workflow profile. The release also allows users to add attachments to items. VWflow lets you upload videos and images to your Facebook page and create a Facebook post containing the video and a custom message. Uploading and posting to Facebook can be part of one or more video workflows, or it can be done manually by (...

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Special Olympics 2014 press video

The Special Olympics is a worldwide sports event for athletes with a mental disability, organized every four years in one of the bigger European cities. The 2014 edition, called the "Games of the Heart", was hosted by Antwerp, with professional video teams capturing the event at venues all over Flanders. The organisation asked Rambla to come up with a solution that would allow to distribute video footage to journalists from all over Europe, in a secured environment. Authenticated users could no...

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Color scheme

All of our services and solutions are now bundled in our brand new video platform Clevercast, which covers everything from webinars, event livestreaming over video productions to our brand new interactive video player.

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