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Mediafin, online video pioneer

Mediafin, Belgium's leading publisher of business news and Rambla client since 2007, is a true pioneer in the field of in-house produced video content, aired through their online news outlets and Mediafin's Content Management System (CMS) has been tightly integrated with the Rambla CDN and cloud transcoding services to deliver video reports on a daily basis to a growing number of subscription visitors. In March 2015, Mediafin decided to start using VWflow, Rambla's new cloud-ba...

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tvbrussel: webTV for the Brussels region

The tvbrussel online video workflow is a fine example of how a media company can deliver in-house created news stories almost instantaneously. Video editors simply drop a reportage in a transcoding hotfolder, after which our web services take care of encoding to several formats and creating thumbnails. As soon as the encoded media is ready for viewing, metadata is exported to the website's back-end and the content manager is notified he needs to complete the title and summary, and publish the...

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