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Live Streaming with Full Redundancy

Clevercast allows customers to broadcast and deliver their livestreams with full redundancy, avoiding any single point of failure. By broadcasting to both a primary and backup server, the livestream will continue to play when the network connection to one of the broadcast servers gets lost. Failover will occur in a transparent manner: the player will automatically detect the livestream on the backup server and start playing it. Realtime transcoding and adaptive streaming will continue to work...

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Create your own DJ-mix with Lidl Juicebox

Brussels based agency BBDO came up with a great concept for supermarket chain Lidl in the form of an online DJ contest using fruit as instruments. Participants could create their own dance track choosing from a library of fruit themed video and audio loops. The resulting timeline matrix was posted to our Clevercast platform which would put all fragments in the right order, stitch them together and transcode the result to a single sharable video file. In order to accomplish this, we had to teach ...

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Share your videos on Facebook and Twitter with VWflow

Version 1.20 of our Video Workflow (VWflow) platform has been released. This release adds support for social sharing of videos and live events, either manually or as part of a workflow profile. The release also allows users to add attachments to items. VWflow lets you upload videos and images to your Facebook page and create a Facebook post containing the video and a custom message. Uploading and posting to Facebook can be part of one or more video workflows, or it can be done manually by (...

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