Share your videos on Facebook and Twitter with VWflow

Share your videos on Facebook and Twitter with VWflow

Version 1.20 of our Video Workflow (VWflow) platform has been released. This release adds support for social sharing of videos and live events, either manually or as part of a workflow profile. The release also allows users to add attachments to items.


VWflow lets you upload videos and images to your Facebook page and create a Facebook post containing the video and a custom message. Uploading and posting to Facebook can be part of one or more video workflows, or it can be done manually by (a) dedicated user(s) with the correct permissions. A big advantage of uploading your videos to Facebook is that they also play inline in the Facebook mobile app.

VWflow allows you to set a number of Facebook options for Publication, Targeting and Call to Action, both as part of a workflow profile or when posting a single item.

  • Videos and images can be posted on your Facebook page as Published Posts, Scheduled Posts or Drafts (= unpublished). A post may also be suppressed in the feed and timeline story.
  • Targeting options allow you to determine the Facebook audience for your content based on demographics (location, gender, age).
  • You can add a call to action message at the end of your Facebook videos, referring to a custom URL.

Once uploaded, the Facebook video becomes embedded on the VWflow item page, which also contains a link to the Facebook post and the embed code. You can configure your VWflow account to keep your items synchronized with Facebook: if you change an item’s name or message, your Facebook video and post will be automically updated.


VWflow allows you to take advantage of Twitter’s Twitter Card functionality, which lets you play your media inside of the Twitter stream. This way you can easily compose a tweet containing the VWflow player, both for live and on-demand videos.

For on-demand items, sending a tweet with a Twitter Player Card URL can be automated as part of your video workflow. It can also be done manually by (a) dedicated user(s) with the correct permissions.

All (meta)data necessary to use or generate a Twitter Player Card is also available through the VWflow application or API. So you can, either manually or programmatically, use this data to send tweets or create your own Twitter Player Cards (requires your domain to be approved by Twitter) from inside your own site or CMS.


You can upload and download attachments for a given item through the VWflow application or API. Uploaded attachments can also be processed and converted into custom VWflow (meta)data. This could help you migrate videos from another environment to VWflow.

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