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Video Workflow now available

Rambla is proud to present the first release of Video Workflow, a video automation solution for enterprises, media companies and content producers.

Video Workflow is a cloud-based workflow automation platform for audiovisual content which allows companies to streamline all aspects of their online video presence. It comprises a customizable media player, a set of API’s and a multi-user Video Management System (SaaS) allowing companies to administer their image, audio and video assets. Its interactive components, responsive design and fine-grained access control ensure a seamless integration into any multiscreen environment.

Video Workflow lets you boost efficiency by translating business processes into automated actions, rules and permissions. Advanced analytics, smart playlists and custom metadata help you to extend your reach and optimize user engagement.

Video Workflow comes in two flavors:

Enterprise Workflow is intended for organizations who need to be able to control who has access to their media assets. With viewing profiles, video playback in the player will depend on a set of configurable permissions, determining who gets to see what, where and when. As a content creator, you have full control over how your video is marketed, distributed, consumed and monetized.

Media workflow caters to companies who publish video on a regular basis, usually for large audiences. The focus is on speed and ease of operation while distributing video across multiple channels, using social media synchronization. Typical industries are online media, news sites, advertisers and the entertainment industry, whose core business is video related.

Find out more on our Video Workflow product page.


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