Qmusic and the longest video ever

  • Qmusic and the longest video ever

Project summary

An online contest for Qmusic listeners. The price? VIP tickets for a string of concerts all over the globe by artists such as Adele, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Coldplay. The challenge? Find the 6 winning flight numbers hidden in an animation video. Not just any video, but the longest video ever, 572 hours long to be precise. Over the course of only six days, almost 10.000 unique visitors tried their luck, boosting Qmusic's site traffic and brand awareness.


Dutch radio station Qmusic asked advertising agency De Vloer to devise an online contest for their listeners. The winners would take home a much sought after VIP ticket for the Q-live World Tour, a series of concerts by artists such as Adele (London), Rihanna (Washington), Justin Bieber (Las Vegas) and Coldplay (Buenos Aires). On top of that, the 6 lucky winners would be treated to a private meet & greet with the artists, a generous amount of spending money and a complementary stay at the exotic Indonesian island of Bali. Needless to say, the challenge had to be tough.

Our friends over at Mojuice, who were contracted for the production of this campaign, asked us to develop a player for the “longest video ever“. The numbers of the 6 winning flights were hidden at unknown positions in an animation video with a total duration of no less than 572 hours, which may even lead to a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records. For this, Rambla needed to develop a video player and streaming solution that would allow participants to play back and seek through 572 hours of uninterrupted video, without giving away any clues as to where the flight numbers may be hidden.

As no video player offers the granularity to seek through a video of this length, we agreed with the production team to cut up, encode and deliver the video in chunks of one hour. The chunks are dynamically loaded by the player when needed, thus creating the impression of uninterrupted video. Navigation was made super-easy with a custom control bar allowing to quickly jump to exact positions in the video, down to the second. Delivery of the video over the HLS streaming protocol made it impossible (or very hard at least) to download the video to your local hard drive and programmatically process the video.

Wanna have a go at it yourself? Make sure you have some time to spare and visit the campaign site which is still online (alas, all tickets have been doled out).

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