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Produce Multi-Language Live Events with Clevercast

Clevercast has become the perfect solution for broadcasting and streaming multilingual live events to global audiences. It provides you with the tools to produce live video streams with realtime translation, while adhering to the highest standards in terms of reliability, performance and usability.


Multi-Language Solution Highlights

  • Singular Broadcast. The (single) video track and (multiple) audio tracks are combined into a single stream, which is broadcasted by the Clevercast Broadcaster. This ensures that, at the event location, the bandwidth required for broadcasting remains minimal. An alternative setup, in which third-party encoding and broadcasting solutions are integrated, is also possible.
  • Realtime Transcoding and Transmuxing. Our Wowza Media Servers make sure that the incoming video and audio tracks are reliably repackaged in a series of multi-language livestreams.
  • Online Recording. The multi-language livestreams can be automatically recorded online for later on-demand viewing.
  • Adaptive Streaming. The video is streamed in multiple resolutions, allowing Clevercast Player to ensure the best possible experience for each viewer.
  • Language Selection. Viewers can select their preferred language and watch the video and slide presentation on any device or platform. They can also use various interactive widgets.
  • Multilingual Player Interface. The Clevercast Player interface has been translated in a number of languages, which can be extended on a project basis.
  • Transparent On-Demand Video Production. After the live event has ended, Clevercast Manager allows you to administer your event metadata – such as slides, comments and chapters – for the multilingual on-demand webcast in one go, using a flexible timeline. Once published, the on-demand webcast becomes available to your viewers as an almost exact re-creation of the live experience.


Other Features

Relying on our services not only gets you a professional solution for multilingual livestreams. It also means you can take advantage of the comprehensive set of Clevercast features. These include:

  • Registration and Verification of Webcast Participants. The registration options allow you to determine the accessibility of a webcast: no registration, open registration or by invitation only.
  • Automatic Detection and Synchronization of Slides. Slideshows are captured during the presentation and automatically uploaded and synchronized with the video footage.
  • Customizable Player Outlook. Player branding, theming and embeddable iframes allow you to seamlessly integrate with your corporate web presence.
  • Rich Analytics. Interactive graphs and detailed statistical data allow you to analyze the behavior of both live and on-demand viewers for each webcast.

We offer a range of solutions catering to different needs and with different levels of autonomy, ranging from 100% self-service webcasting to fully serviced productions. For more information, head over to the Clevercast product site or contact us.

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