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Optimize Viewing Experience with our new HTML5 Player

The latest upgrade of our cloud platform contains a brand new HTML5 player library for live and on-demand video, built from the ground up to maximize performance, flexibility and ease of customization. Our smart player technology automatically delivers the right player, stream, and advertising to the right device anywhere, with just a single embed code. This makes it easy for you to provide your viewers with the best experience on all platforms and devices.

Cross-Platform HTML5 Player

Viewers will be able to watch your videos on all mobile devices and modern browsers without needing Flash or other plugins. Your videos will be rendered optimally, with few overhead and short page loads. Avoiding Flash also ensures that your viewers don’t have to deal with security issues and excessive resource consumption.

Dynamic HLS and MPEG-DASH Streaming

The player supports both the HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming protocols. The player automatically detects the protocols supported by the platform on which it is embedded and chooses the best one, guaranteeing a smooth viewing experience on any screen. Moreover, it uses adaptive streaming to play the stream resolution most suited to the given browser or mobile device.

Customizable Look & Feel and Behavior

Clevercast allows you to create multiple player instances themed in accordance with the look and feel of your brand or website. Customization options include adding a company logo and providing custom CSS scripts. Each player also has settings that let you determine the way it behaves. Moreover, our JavaScript API can be used to further refine the player’s behavior and add custom functionality.

Rich Feature Set

Clevercast has a lot of features which come into effect in the player. These include support for live event switching, content protection, advertising, dynamic playlists and realtime analytics to measure user engagement. You can discover them for yourself by getting a one month free trial account now.

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