New enterprise features to improve your Video Workflow

New enterprise features to improve your Video Workflow

Today we are happy to announce version 1.10 of our Video Workflow (VWflow) platform. This release introduces new enterprise functionality to facilitate video management and monitoring, and to further integrate the VWflow services into your own environment. Additionally it contains some features requested by customers, like the ability to position a custom logo in the VWflow player and the introduction of Most Viewed and Most Popular as sort criteria for smart playlists. We also spruced up certain aspects of the VWflow interface, leading to a better overall user experience.

Some of the new features are outlined below. For the complete release notes, see the VWflow site.

Advanced item filtering

Media items can now be filtered using various new criteria – media type, creation and publication date, privacy setting, workflow status, player, viewing profile, workflow profile – in addition to the existing search, browse and sort functionality. This allows you to retrieve items more easily and perform bulk actions on them.


Hooks provide you with a callback mechanism for updating your own environment when manual modifications are made to media items or their metadata. An HTTP request will be sent to your URL, containing all necessary data to keep your environment in sync with VWflow. These hooks were already part of the workflow profiles, but now they can also be triggered after the workflow process is complete.

Audit logging

VWflow administrators now have a complete audit trail of all modifications to items, live events and (smart) playlists to their disposal. The audit log can serve different purposes. For instance, it can be used to track user behaviour, detect problems, audit your workflows and increase efficiency. It is also a useful tool for developers, providing them with information about the execution of API calls and hooks.

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