Multi-Language Live Events and Webcasts

Multi-Language Live Events and Webcasts

With the latest upgrade, Clevercast platform is now perfectly suited for multi-language streaming of events and webcasts to global audiences.

Multi-Language Streaming

The Clevercast web application makes it easy to broadcast live video with any number of audio languages and test the user experience through our live management dashboard. When everything is working fine, you just press a button to publish the event. This allows your viewers to watch the multi-language livestream and select their preferred language in the Clevercast Player. The player can be integrated and shared on any website by simply copying its embed code. The player automatically selects the most suitable resolution of the video stream, in order to ensure the best possible viewing experience on each device or platform.

Live Recording

Clevercast also allows you to record and publish multilingual events. You can record highlights and publish them immediately, while the livestream is still running. Or you can record and publish the entire live event. The recorded video will automatically contain all audio languages that were broadcasted. The recorded video may be trimmed and enriched with metadata, before converting it to a multilingual on-demand video.

On-Demand Video

Once published, the recorded videos become available for on-demand viewing, with the Clevercast player allowing viewers to select the language of their choice. Like the livestream, on-demand videos are streamed in multiple resolutions. This allows the player to render them optimally, with few overhead and short page loads.

Rich Feature Set

The full Clevercast feature set is also applicable to multilingual videos. This includes support for live event switching, content protection, advertising, dynamic playlists and realtime analytics to measure user engagement. You can discover them for yourself by getting a one month free trial account now.

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