Live Streaming with Full Redundancy

Live Streaming with Full Redundancy

Clevercast allows customers to broadcast and deliver their livestreams with full redundancy, avoiding any single point of failure. By broadcasting to both a primary and backup server, the livestream will continue to play when the network connection to one of the broadcast servers gets lost.

Transparent Failover

Failover will occur in a transparent manner: the player will automatically detect the livestream on the backup server and start playing it. Realtime transcoding and adaptive streaming will continue to work, resulting in a suitable stream for every device. Video recording is also done on the backup server, so you can continue to publish highlights for on-demand video viewing while the livestream is still running. Or you can make the entire video available for on-demand viewing after the livestream has ended.

Multi-Language Streams

Full redundancy is also possible for multi-language streams, no matter whether they are broadcasted over RTMP or MPEG-TS. This makes it possible to broadcast a video stream along with multiple audio streams in a reliable fashion. Clevercast’s live event manager makes it easy to configure your setup correctly and gives you full control over the livestream. Upon request, our production team can also take care of the streaming setup or produce the entire event for you.

YouTube and Facebook Live

Moreover, Clevercast allows for configurations in which the incoming livestreams are automatically broadcasted to YouTube and/or Facebook accounts. This allows customers to extend their reach while still having a fully redundant setup, even with limited bandwidth available at the event venue. This way, they can embed the most suitable player on each of their sites and those of their partners.

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