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Live Events

As preferred video and streaming partner for numerous local and international companies since 2005, our streaming engineers are experienced in all aspects of producing and distributing a livestream. We can either manage the complete production process from A to Z, including the audiovisual equipment and camera work, or we can work together with your audiovisual partner to pick up their video signal for further processing, encoding and delivery to your online audience.

Global Live Streams

We also design and execute complex and failsafe setups for global and high-profile live streams. These type of live streams, often being broadcasted as multilingual simulcasts to online and TV channels, must meet very high requirements in terms of quality, reliability, redundancy, routing, latency, packaging, flexibility… Our advanced monitoring software lets us keep an eye on all incoming and outgoing streams and react quickly to any change in circumstances.

Video Production

With a decade of experience in producing online video, we are well positioned to create high-quality content that communicates your message in a clear and engaging way. We believe that each web video, whether live or on-demand, has specific requirements which largely determine the course of the production process. It is our aim to translate these requirements into a budget-friendly, full-service solution so you can sit back and enjoy the process.

Your Incompany Studio

Our Clevercast Studio4all concept allows companies to develop their own professional video studio that matches their specific needs. In consultation with you, we design a customized studio setup and install it on your premises. The result is an automated video production facility that is cost-effective, scalable and easy to use, and allows you to produce high-quality video without any help. We also provide further support and think along with you about future improvements and expansions.

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