Live events

Rambla has been streaming live events from all over Europe since 2005. Our streaming engineers are experienced in all aspects of delivering a live-stream. We can either manage the complete delivery including video production, or take care of certain aspects in order to ensure a successful live broadcast. We offer a range of solutions catering to different needs and with different levels of autonomy, ranging from 100% self-service webcasting (You livestream) to fully serviced productions (We livestream for you), and everything in between.

You livestream

Clevercast is a complete streaming suite for organisations familiar with live productions, making it easy to produce professional webcasts for both live and on-demand audiences, thanks to clever automation, intuitive interfaces and a dynamic workflow. The Clevercast Player provides a reliable and engaging online experience to every user on any device or platform.


Integrated broadcaster, manager and player

  • The Clevercast Broadcaster software is responsible for encoding and broadcasting your live video and for capturing your presentation slides or screenshots. Simply connect your audiovisual sources and start broadcasting and/or recording your webcast.
  • Clevercast Manager is an online platform which contains all necessary tools for managing, editing and publishing your webcasts and channels. It allows you to control your webcast’s branding, interactivity and accessibility and gives you access to powerful analytics.
  • The embeddable Clevercast Player supports both HTML5 and Flash and delivers your webcast to all popular platforms and devices (pc, iPhone, iPad, Android…). Your presentation slides are automatically synchronized and displayed along with the video. The player’s layout and feature set are fully customizable, with interactive widgets for viewers to ask questions, share tweets or comments and conduct multiple-choice surveys.

Start webcasting without large upfront investments

  • Clevercast requires no special or costly audiovisual equipment. Clevercast Broadcaster recognizes a wide range of audiovisual input sources, including most off-the-shelf digital consumer camera’s and legacy analog equipment.
  • Likewise, there’s no need for custom encoding/broadcasting hardware. Clevercast Broadcaster software can be installed on your own iMac, MacBook Pro or Mac Mini.
  • Clevercast doesn’t require extensive knowledge or a lengthy training. Its intuitive web-interfaces and built-in workflow management allow you to be on air in a matter of days. Good to know: during your first webcast a Rambla engineer will be around to steer you in the right direction.
A much more detailed description of our webcasting platform is available on the Clevercast product site. For an overview of licence formulas check out the Clevercast pricing page.

We livestream for you

Video production

Fully serviced webcasts

If livestreaming appears to you as an outlandish or exotic undertaking that should be left in the capable hands of experts, we are there to take the entire production process off your plate.

Our services include:

  • Multi-camera video production with two, three or more camera’s and a dynamic live-mix
  • Securing access to a professional transmission service (landline, satellite, bundled 3/4G)
  • Reserve regional or global bandwidth capacity to ensure scalability for large events
  • Real-time transcoding of the video and audio signal to multiple formats and qualities
  • On site encoding, recording and broadcasting of video and audio signals
  • Live stream recording and post-event editing and encoding to on-demand formats
  • Automatic publishing of on-demand media to the Rambla CDN

Easy integration with our embedded media player

  • Our cloud hosted media player frees you from the hassle of making your livestream work across platforms and devices. The player embed code can be simply copy-pasted to your site or mobile app, causing no extra load on your web or application server.
  • The player supports both HTML5 and Flash based devices, and automatically adapts video quality to available bandwidth.
  • Viewers who missed the live transmission can catch up immediately afterwards thanks to our cloud based recording service.

Looking to get your event on air? Contact us for a quote.

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