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Multilingual Live Streaming

Clevercast is perfectly suited for multilingual live streaming to global audiences. Its live management dashboard makes it easy for you to broadcast and stream live video with any number of audio languages. Clevercast supports different ways to broadcast a video stream with realtime translation in multiple languages.

The live event manager is a complete dashboard to control every aspect of your live broadcasts. This includes configuring broadcast quality, customizing player look and feel, setting geographical restrictions, scheduling start time, and simulcasting to your social media channels.

Clevercast can automatically record your live broadcast in the cloud. When you publish a recorded video to on-demand, Clevercast provides the tools to trim the video length.


Organize interactive and engaging webinars. Our mobile-friendly HTML5 player requires no plugins and includes support for multilingual live streaming and pseudo-live streaming. Clevercast Webinars comes with a fully integrated registration module and widgets such as agenda, Q&A form, Twitter timeline and handouts.

Video Learning

Enriched e-learning video has become an attractive alternative to traditional training methods. Our cloud-based video platform offers a complete solution for transforming videos into interactive courses, suited for both in-company training and public usage. It allows you to automate and follow up learning processes, without losing your personal approach.

Clevercast Certified Learning makes it easy to deploy a full-blown e-learning application, allowing your users to receive credit points and a certificate after watching enriched video content and answering questions. Clevercast meets all requirements of professional associations and government institutions for accreditation of continuous training programs, such as a distance program for medical training recognized by the RIZIV / INAMI.

Our interfaces provide an optimal user experience on every device and platform, without any software installation or plugins. They are built to increase satisfaction and fun from online learning & training. Multiple levels of security and user authentication are possible, ranging from single-sign on to token-based user registration.

Video Management

Clevercast allows you to upload, edit, publish and manage all your videos from one central repository and multi-user platform. Clevercast lets you boost efficiency by translating business processes into automated actions, rules and permissions. Advanced analytics, API’s and custom metadata help you to extend your reach and optimize user engagement.

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