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Create Interactive Video with Clevercast

Over the past few months, we have integrated all our solutions and services under the Clevercast brand. In addition, our Clevercast platform offers some new and innovative interactive video solutions. We have also opened our own budget-friendly Clevercast Studio, equipped for video productions as well as live streaming.

Interactive Video

With Clevercast’s timeline editor you can layer interactive, clickable call-to-actions on top of the video, such as a Buy now button, links to specific product pages, a feedback form or a custom call-to-action. Apart from speeding up purchase decisions this can also greatly improve the viewing experience. With buttons you can add a navigation structure to your video, so a viewer can jump immediately to relevant fragments within the video or load related content.

Video heatmaps are a powerful visual representation of the viewing behavior of your audience. By dragging your mouse pointer over the video you see exactly which parts of the video are watched most, which parts are not engaging viewers, and which parts are watched repeatedly. In-video clicks are also tracked and plotted out on the heatmaps, giving you detailed feedback on how your viewers navigate in the video, which call-to-actions work well, and at which point in the video your customers are ready to purchase a product. A real marketeer’s dream.

Clevercast Webinars

Organize interactive and engaging webinars. Our mobile-friendly HTML5 player requires no plugins and includes support for a split-screen display of slides, screen demos and pre-recorded videos. Clevercast Webinars comes with a fully integrated registration module and widgets such as agenda, Q&A form, Twitter timeline and handouts.

Broadcasting your webinar can be done without dedicated encoder software or hardware. With our WebRTC broadcasting module you simply open up your browser, select a screen you want to cast and start a live stream. The record and replay functionality offers those who missed the live event an almost identical catch-up experience.

Book your private studio

With a decade of experience in producing online video, we are well positioned to create high-quality content that communicates your message in a clear and engaging way. We believe that each web video, whether live or on-demand, has specific requirements which largely determine the course of the production process. It is our aim to translate these requirements into a budget-friendly, full-service solution so you can sit back and enjoy the process.

Studio time can be booked on a per-half day basis. It’s fast, efficient and budget friendly. We’re equipped for both video recordings and live streaming. After submitting the form we will review availability and get back to you to further discuss your needs.

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