CDN hosting

Speed and reliability

Rambla manages its own Content Delivery Network (CDN) optimized for the delivery of rich media, as well as other files that require a swift, stable and scalable distribution. It allows you to globally deliver your content to a broad range of devices, like PCs, mobile devices, game consoles and set-top boxes. Media files can be distributed using download or streaming technologies, for a flawless online experience without any skips or stutter. By integrating Wowza’s robust Media Server software into our CDN, we can guarantee 24/7 uptime and an optimal performance under all traffic conditions.

Adaptive streaming

Adaptive streaming or bitrate switching allows clients to automatically switch between different video streams during playback, to ensure the highest possible video quality with minimum buffering and startup time. This way, clients can adapt dynamically to changing bandwidth conditions and available CPU resources, which makes this delivery method especially well suited for mobile devices.
Our Wowza powered cloud infrastructure fully supports the HLS standard for adaptive streaming, for both live and on demand video and audio content.

Global reach

The foundation of the Rambla CDN is a self-managed server infrastructure in data centers close to regional backbones, supported by peering agreements with all major European ISP’s. This is where the ingest of new content takes place, and where sensitive and critical data are stored.  By embracing the latest technologies in cloud computing and server virtualization, we have added an extra layer of scalability to our services. For viewers outside of Europe traffic is routed to Amazon Cloudfront nodes near the viewer’s location, this way ensuring global reach and sufficient bandwidth capacity when traffic peaks.

Flexible billing

We have experience with a wide range of industries, be it advertisers, enterprises or media companies. Along the road we learned that every industry has their own preferences when it comes to purchasing and payments.
Our billing model is extremely flexible: you only pay what you use, down to the Megabyte. After ordering a prepaid credit pack, we’ll send you your account details and off you go. If you prefer post-paid billing, that’s fine too: we send you an invoice at the end of the month with a detailed overview of your traffic consumption.


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