CDN pricing

Option 1: Post-paid pricing

The post-paid formula is intended for medium to heavy users, with a minimum bandwidth consumption of 1 TB per month. Post-paid means we charge you at the end of each month, but only for the bandwidth you actually used, down to the Gigabyte. What’s even better: we do not require long-term commitments. Contracts can be cancelled at any time, no strings attached.

Of course, the more bandwidth you consume on a monthly basis, the cheaper you buy. Here’s the deal:

  • Additional storage will be charged at 0,20 € per GB

  • Additional requests will be charged at 0,10 € per 50.000 requests

  • For HTTPS requests, a surcharge of 30% applies (0,13 € / 50.000 requests)

Option 2: Order your pre-paid credit pack and get started right away

Our pre-paid credit packs are strictly pay what you use. There is no subscription or sign-up fee of any kind, and no monthly or annual commitment. Instead, our CDN delivery and storage services require a certain amount of credits depending on your actual consumption. This way, you have the flexibility to use the service you need.

Getting started is as simple as ordering one of four prepaid credit packs. Credits can be used for live and on-demand traffic as well as storage of your files on the CDN. By ordering in larger volumes, you get a discount on the default credit price. An automated email alert will notify you when you are about to run out of credits.

Estimate the amount of credits you need based on media filesize or stream bitrate and expected views. Our calculator below will recommend a credit pack which fits your needs while at the same time trying to offer you the best possible price per Gigabyte.

Which credit pack do I need?

      Media delivery method: HTTP downloads or HLS/MPEG-DASH streaming
10 MB
The average filesize of your media files
1500 kbps
The average bitrate of your streams
The total number of views you expect
4 minute(s)
The average time your video will be watched


Total bandwidth: GB

Required credits:

Credit pack:

You pay: € per GB

Total cost:

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