Simulcast to Facebook Live and other social media channels

Almost a year after its launch, Facebook Live has taken the marketing world by storm. Brands and publishers have quickly understood the almost limitless possibilities to connect with their followers and customers. One of the most important advantages of Facebook Live is easy to grasp: it's where (most of) your audience already is. This saves you the time-consuming labor of promoting upcoming livestreams via mailings, sponsored ads and blog posts. Even better, Facebook's fine-grained targeting ...

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Create your own DJ-mix with Lidl Juicebox

Brussels based agency BBDO came up with a great concept for supermarket chain Lidl in the form of an online DJ contest using fruit as instruments. Participants could create their own dance track choosing from a library of fruit themed video and audio loops. The resulting timeline matrix was posted to our Clevercast platform which would put all fragments in the right order, stitch them together and transcode the result to a single sharable video file. In order to accomplish this, we had to teach ...

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Qmusic and the longest video ever

Dutch radio station Qmusic asked advertising agency De Vloer to devise an online contest for their listeners. The winners would take home a much sought after VIP ticket for the Q-live World Tour, a series of concerts by artists such as Adele (London), Rihanna (Washington), Justin Bieber (Las Vegas) and Coldplay (Buenos Aires). On top of that, the 6 lucky winners would be treated to a private meet & greet with the artists, a generous amount of spending money and a complementary stay at the exotic...

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Mediafin, online video pioneer

Mediafin, Belgium's leading publisher of business news and Rambla client since 2007, is a true pioneer in the field of in-house produced video content, aired through their online news outlets and Mediafin's Content Management System (CMS) has been tightly integrated with the Rambla CDN and cloud transcoding services to deliver video reports on a daily basis to a growing number of subscription visitors. In March 2015, Mediafin decided to start using VWflow, Rambla's new cloud-ba...

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TEDx Brussels livestream

Over the past four years, Rambla has been involved in bringing the TEDx experience to online viewers. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that brings together people from the fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, Rambla is doing its bit by live-streaming the entire conference to over 4.000 viewers. So even if you can't be there, we encourage you to tune in to the next edition of TEDxBrussels for some fresh ideas and inspiration.

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Special Olympics 2014 press video

The Special Olympics is a worldwide sports event for athletes with a mental disability, organized every four years in one of the bigger European cities. The 2014 edition, called the "Games of the Heart", was hosted by Antwerp, with professional video teams capturing the event at venues all over Flanders. The organisation asked Rambla to come up with a solution that would allow to distribute video footage to journalists from all over Europe, in a secured environment. Authenticated users could no...

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ABTV: live concerts from Ancienne Belgique

The Ancienne Belgique (AB) is a well known concert venue for contemporary music in Brussels, Belgium. The AB manages two concert halls, which are both furnished with state of the art audio- and video-recording equipment. This allows the AB to make a high-quality recording of every on-stage performance. In 2005, the AB decided that they wanted to enrich their website's content with live and on-demand streams. Rambla provided them with an all-in solution that automated their workflow process and r...

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tvbrussel: webTV for the Brussels region

The tvbrussel online video workflow is a fine example of how a media company can deliver in-house created news stories almost instantaneously. Video editors simply drop a reportage in a transcoding hotfolder, after which our web services take care of encoding to several formats and creating thumbnails. As soon as the encoded media is ready for viewing, metadata is exported to the website's back-end and the content manager is notified he needs to complete the title and summary, and publish the...

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In an attempt to get young people to vote, involved them in the making of an animated video commercial during the run-up to the 2014 European elections. The initial commercial ended with a cliff-hanger, allowing viewers to suggest their own ending. Over the course of four days, animators in London (UK), Utrecht (NL) and Ghent (B) turned these suggestions into full-blown animated videos. Their labors were also being filmed and could be viewed on the storychangers website as a...

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EU Commission multilingual webcasting

In June 2014 the European Commission organised a conference in preparation of the 2015 'European Week of Sport'. The event, an initiative of EU Commissioner Vassiliou, involved about 150 experts from governmental and non-governmental sport organisations and institutions from all over Europe. Interpreters were simultaneously translating the speakers to 3 different languages. Video production was in the capable hands of DB Video, providing us with a single HD-SDI video feed with multiple embedd...

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