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Streaming rich media anywhere, at anytime

Rambla emerged in 2005 as one of the first Content Delivery Networks (CDN) in Europe. By embracing the opportunities of cloud computing, we were able to establish ourselves as a highly scalable and reliable CDN specialized in the delivery of multimedia content in general and streaming video in particular. With our aim to deliver optimal quality through continuous innovation, Rambla stood out as one of the pioneers in the field of video broadcasting and streaming. Even then, our APIs enabled clients to integrate our services into their own environment.

Together with our partners, we also ventured into the video production of live events. From capturing the birth of an elephant to staging virtual museum tours, Rambla has brought a wide variety of live viewing experiences to global audiences. This way, we acquired hands-on experience with every aspect of the video production process. Regardless of the circumstances, our customers know they can rely on us to ensure their viewers the best possible live experience on all platforms and devices.

Video workflow automation and integration

As corporate communications have become more complex along with the rise of social media, we have seen a growing demand for media workflow solutions over the years. Common purpose of such solutions is to eliminate repetitive aspects of video production and management, and to provide added value through APIs, metadata and dynamic player behavior. Furthermore, these solutions should adhere to the highest standards of usability, performance, reliability and security.

In 2013, we released the CleverCast webcasting platform which lets companies autonomously produce engaging webcasts for live and on-demand audiences. CleverCast contains all necessary tools for professional users to produce their own live events, including automatic slide synchronization, an online workflow manager and a theme-able player with interactive features such as Q&A, Twitter and live polls.

2015 saw the launch of Video Workflow (VWflow), the first cloud-based workflow automation platform for audiovisual content on the European market. VWflow allows organizations to streamline all aspects of their online video presence by translating business rules into automated actions, role-based tasks and viable responsibilities. Its interactive components, responsive design and fine-grained access control assure a seamless integration into any multiscreen environment.

One-stop shop for enterprise video

These solutions allow companies to fully harness the power of online video for both internal and external communications. When combined with Rambla’s live production and integration services, our expertise and our highly rated pro-active customer support, they represent a comprehensive solution for the online video needs of modern businesses. We will continue to improve these solutions to let customers increase the value of their video content, simplify complex workflows, and make video management more flexible, efficient and cost-effective.

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