Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Rambla emerged in 2005 as one of the first Content Delivery Networks in Europe. By embracing the opportunities of cloud computing, we established ourselves as a highly reliable and global ‘pay as you go’ CDN specialized in the delivery of rich media content in general and streaming video in particular.

Video Production and Live Streaming

Together with our partners, we also ventured into the video production of live events. From capturing the birth of an elephant to staging virtual museum tours, Rambla has brought a wide variety of live viewing experiences to global audiences. This way, we acquired hands-on experience with every aspect of the video production and delivery process. Regardless of the circumstances, our customers know they can rely on us to ensure their viewers the best possible experience.

Clevercast: Video Solutions for Companies

Over the years we have seen a steadily growing demand for ready-made video solutions for companies. That is why we developed Clevercast, a suite of SaaS platforms with various applications for managing, streaming and enriching interactive live and on-demand video by companies. Clevercast includes solutions for enterprise video management, video learning, corporate communications, interactive webinars and multilingual live streaming.

Our Clevercast suite allows companies to fully harness the power of online video, particularly when supplemented with our expertise, integration services and highly rated customer support.

Some of our clients

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