Startup Weekend BrusselsThe second edition of Startup Weekend Brussels, which kicks off tonight at 18:00 CET, has been sold out completely.

If you don't already have a ticket, you may still join the waiting list. Or you can watch the live webcast, sponsored by Rambla and our partner Richcast.




Netrock 2011 - live from LuxemburgOver the past three days we've been streaming Netrock live from Luxemburg. Netrock is a free festival created in 2010 to support the music-scene in Luxemburg.

What makes it special is that its audience is entirely virtual. Which seems a bit strange in theory, but turned out to work great in practice. Viewers could cheer on their favourite bands by clicking on 'handclap', 'whistle' or 'scream' symbols and could post comments for the bands on the stage, resulting in a very festival-like atmosphere.




The Belgian government recently launched an initiative to stimulate the Eco-label, a European logo for products and services that are kinder to the environment. The campaign site comes with an online contest in which 10.000 Eco-label products are given away as prizes. The site itself shows a greenhouse full of flower plants, which is being streamed live around the clock. Players get to answer three question, including a tiebreaker.Ecolabel campaign by the Belgian government Each week, 2.500 winners are presented with their own flower pot from the greenhouse. Each winner can then watch his own flower start to bloom and is assigned one of the prizes depending on the flower's color.

Antwerp agency These Days, who created the campaign, contacted Rambla to set up two simultaneous live streams from the greenhouse - so the campaign site could switch between them. The streams are broadcasted by Axis IP cameras and delivered via the Rambla CDN. At regular intervals the greenhouse is also being photographed by a multitude of camera's, with the resulting pictures being cut up into more than 10.000 different images. These images are uploaded to the CDN, allowing the winners to closely monitor the budding of their plants. Finally, Rambla also made server-side recordings of the preparations, so they could later be turned into a making-off video.



ABtv livestream - BeirutAt the start of a new concert season the Ancienne Belgique (AB) announced the further expansion of ABtv, their online platform for live and on-demand concerts, sessions and reports. Among the new features are a bigger livestream screen and support for smartphones.

The AB also announced their first livestream of the season: on September 14th, the sold out concert of American band Beirut can be watched for free on ABtv. For the complete announcement, see the ABtv blog.



QMusic looking for sidechickFor its popular daily morning show Ornelis & Rogiers Showtime, Belgian radio station QMusic is trying to cast a sidekick - or rather 'sidechick' as they are looking for a female touch. Instead of hiring a job agency, QMusic is giving its listeners the opportunity to apply for the job by auditioning in front of a webcam.

The webcam streams are recorded by a dedicated Wowza Media Server, and used for the first screening round on September 10. After further practical radio tests, the winner will be presented with a full-time job offer. Interested? Read more about it on the QMusic blog.


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