In an attempt to get young people to vote, involves them in the making of an animated video commercial for the European elections. The initial commercial therefore ends with a cliff-hanger, allowing viewers to suggest their own ending. Over the course of four days, animators in London (UK), Utrecht Storychangers(NL) and Ghent (B) are turning these suggestions into full-blown animated videos. Their labors are also being filmed and can be viewed on the storychangers website as a single video, which is a mix of the live video feeds from the different locations.

Advertising agency Ogilvy Brussels and production company Mojuice asked Rambla to take care of broadcasting the video from each of the locations, mixing the streams into a single dynamic livestream and publishing the result as a YouTube live event. The separate livestreams also had to be recorded and stored, so they could be used afterwards.

A custom script, running on our Wowza broadcasting server, automatically mixes the incoming streams - alternatively, mixing can also be done by the client through a web application - and broadcasts the dynamic livestream to YouTube. During intermissions, the livestream is being replaced by a streamed pancarte, enhancing the effect of a continuous, four day long live event.


When broadcasting video from a location without sufficient Internet access, 4G often is the best cost-effective alternative. Access to 4G can also be very convenient when you're broadcasting directly from mobile or other portable devices like IPcams. In these situations, it is essential to have the best possible 4G connection at your disposal to avoid packets being dropped while upstreaming. Often, this is not the case when you're recording inside conference rooms, theatres, museums or other buildings and constructions.
St. Felix WarehouseTo this end, Rambla developed its 4G Broadcast Hub, which allows us to tap into any wireless carrier's 4G network and be assured of an optimal and reliable broadcast connection. It is a compact solution which can be easily setup at virtually any location. It can be deployed together with our Rambla Broadcast Station, CleverCast, Wowza GoCoder, Telestream Wirecast or any other hard- or software broadcast solution.
For example, last Thursday we produced a livestream of 'Het Grote Loondebat’ organized by HR service provider SD Worx in the St. Felix warehouse in the city of Antwerp, one of the most striking examples of warehouses from the 19th century. Since the location was a protected monument and had no Internet connection, the video had to be broadcasted over 4G. However, there was barely any 4G reception inside of the building. But thanks to our 4G Broadcast Hub, we were able to boost 4G signal strength and obtain an upload speed exceeding 10 Mbps. This allowed us to broadcast a perfectly stable livestream during two and a half hours, transmitted straight from one of the balconies in the beautiful interior street (which you can see in the picture)  



Our latest research & development efforts, co-funded by IWT (Agency for Innovation through Science and Technology), have resulted in the launch of SkyWay, a new distributed software component for the Rambla Content Delivery Network (CDN). After extensive testing, SkyWay has now been integrated in the backend of our CDN. It contributes to our mission of supplying an optimal and constant Quality of Service (QoS) to all of our customers. Additionally, it allows the Rambla CDN to provide instant propagation of new content while assuring a reliable delivery and full load-balancing.

Nowadays, a CDN must be able to cope with new challenges regarding multimedia delivery, like the ever increasing amount of files that need to be permanently available, the steady growth of the average video size or the multitude of devices and platforms for which delivery must be optimized. Thanks to its hybrid architecture, Rambla CDN is well placed to deal with these challenges, unlike most traditional CDNs whose distributed architectures require that files frequently travel from origin server to edge servers, in order for them to be delivered from cache memory, which needs to be flushed more and more often. For more background information on these issues, see our comparison of distributed and hybrid CDNs.

In our CDN's hybrid architecture, there is no distinction between origin and edge servers. All CDN servers are high-end servers with a dedicated Storage Area Network (SAN), so they can deliver content either from disk or from cache memory (depending on file size, content popularity, delivery method…). Rambla SkyWayCombined with the optimization of the SANs, our proprietary SkyWay component makes sure that disk access in general, and random-read operations in particular, can happen at a much faster pace. This way, all content will be delivered with equal high speed and reliability, irrespective of it being retrieved from disk or cache.

Furthermore, SkyWay continuously monitors the CDN servers and their resources, and makes sure that sufficient resources are readily available for delivery of content from both cache and disk. In order to achieve this, SkyWay may dynamically postpone processes whose execution time is not critical, limit resource availibility for other processes, distribute tasks to additional servers, free existing resources or establish new ones. This way, SkyWay assures that the Quality of Service of the CDN remains optimal under all circumstances.

Finally, SkyWay is also responsible for the propagation of newly uploaded or ingested content to all necessary CDN servers. SkyWay makes sure that the new content is synchronized as fast as possible over the different CDN servers, without disrupting resource availability or disk access speed for the delivery processes. SkyWay even allows setting up realtime synchronization for a user account, making our CDN ideally suited for workflows requiring the immediate availability of new videos or dealing with user generated content.


Playstation - Win Tickets for the UEFA Champions League

Rambla CDN is powering The Ticket Tournament, an interactive Kicker game by Playstation.

Place your bets and win tickets for the UEFA Champions League final !





This upcoming week, you'll be able to experience 360° interactive livestreams from both the iMinds Creative Media Days and TEDxUHasselt 2012. The 360° player gives you the freedom to choose your own point of view, allowing you to experience the livestream 'from the inside'. Using your mouse, you can look TEDxBrussels 2012around in the conference room and zoom in on details. You can also pause the video to view scenes at a high resolution.

Today, you can experience how the DIY Days conference (Ghent) shines a light on how creative people can finance, develop, distribute, and sustain themselves as collaborative entrepreneurs.

On Saturday, a divers line-up of speakers will share their ideas at TEDxUHasselt around the central theme of 'a change in the universe'.

Finally on Monday, November 12, the third edition of TEDxBrussels is set to start with a BANG, as they've managed to attract Apple pioneer Steve Wozniack to kick off the conference.


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