Our services

Deliver digital media without having to worry about volume and peak loads.

Easily integrate live or on-demand streaming into your existing website.

From mobile to HD, publish your media in any format to any platform or device.

Consultancy, integration or custom development: our CDN and multimedia experts are happy to work with you.

Our solutions

Capture users using their webcam and your Flash application. Broadcast live, videochat, or transcode and publish the video for on demand playback.

Use an IP camera as a compact and mountable broadcasting solution. We make it available to any screen and unlimited number of users.

Broadcast your events. You take care of the content, we handle the technical aspects, from production to delivery.


ClevercastClevercast makes it easy to produce professional webcasts for both live and on-demand audiences. Through clever automation, intuitive interfaces and a dynamic workflow, it meets the needs of any company or education institute.


Clevercast requires no custom hardware. It comes with automatic slide detection, a full-fledged online management platform, and an embeddable HTML5/Flash player which provides an engaging experience on any device or platform.